Spiritual Coach Gabby Miller can Help you Heal and Grow

Gabby Miller
Gabby Miller

Gabby Miller is a spiritual entrepreneur who enjoys yoga, meditation, connecting with animals and nature. While she’s an introvert at heart, she thrives off deep conversations and long adventures. Her soul longed to travel since she was little. Gabby calls herself a channeler, Starseed, and spiritual coach and is always trying to learn something new to gain different perspectives. She also loves to cook healthy, high vibe food, and calls it a passion.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What do you do?

My name is Gabby. I’m a certified health/life coach, channeler, intuitive guide, and sound healer who works with fellow empaths and highly sensitive beings to help them build their emotional intelligence, release trauma, and connect them back to their power!

What is your business about? What inspired you?

I’ve always wanted to help people. I knew it was part of my mission so I set out to experiment with different ways of helping others. My mental health journey inspired me to guide others in that area as well.

Seeing people in mental anguish or distress always broke my heart. I’ve dedicated my life to guiding others and helping them awaken to their true potential, by understanding their emotions on a deeper level. I currently have an 8-week group program called Empath Alignment Accelerator where I coach people 1 on 1. My current project is about working on a sound healing Patreon community, along with a coaching package to offer.

How does your brand work?

My brand works by creating a safe container for people to heal and grow in. It targets root emotions and trauma to truly understand the depth of one’s being. Through understanding the 4 components of emotional intelligence, it speaks right to the heart.

Learning how to cultivate/build strong relationships, have self-awareness, self-regulating one’s emotions, and having true empathy is the main process behind my brand. By using several different healing modalities like tarot, sound healing, chakra work, and breathing techniques, I help others step back into their power.

What is your desired impact?

My desired impact is to bring other sensitive souls to a greater sense of peace while helping them to understand and have a spiritual awakening in their lives. I want to help people build emotional resilience by healing their minds, bodies, and souls.

What has been your biggest challenge in building your brand? What is your biggest daily challenge in business?

I’ve struggled with self-harm for several years in the past and used to be consumed by depression and anxiety. I dealt with difficult family dynamics and always tried to be the fixer of everyone in my life. I completely lost touch with my true self and desires. Through connecting more with the spiritual aspects of life, I’ve proudly healed from self-harm and am guiding others through the confusing journey of anxiety, mood issues, and mindset.

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What values do you strive for in your business?

The core values in myself and my business are: Emotional Intelligence, Vulnerability, Communication, Self-Healing, Getting to the Root of Issues, Healthy Eating/Living, and Connection to a Higher Power

What is your future vision for your brand? Do you have a next-level dream?

My future for my business and brand is to eventually host in-person retreats. We’ll include group meditations, healing ceremonies, massage therapy, reiki, tarot readings, sound healing, plant-based catered food, and more. My main goal is to travel the world experiencing new cultures and people, while also hosting healing retreats and eventually writing my book

Do you have a message for other creative people hoping to make a living with their creative work?

My biggest message I want to share with anyone who wants to start their own business or just start on their healing journey is, no matter what obstacles come up, no matter what opinions you are bombarded with, failures that come your way, mistakes made, growth to be had, no matter what presents itself, it all leads back to you.

It leads back to this moment, to your being. I always say we are dying each moment to the next because in the grand scheme of things, what we do in this NOW moment is the secret to all success. Always do what brings you joy because at one point or another you will be face to face with yourself again. Will you be satisfied with what you see?

Website URL: gabriellemmiller.podia.com

Instagram URL: www.instagram.com/gabbyssoulfoodd

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