Jeremy Finlay: The Man with a Plan

Jeremy FInlay

Any salesperson knows that the secret to good marketing is good media and branding. Now more than ever, having a solid media presence in place is critical to expanding your presence and sharing the news of your company and mission. Media can take many shapes and forms: your website, your branding, your logo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. However, the most effective media for your company is one that combines targeted media marketing and powerful, rich world-building that describes the hopes and dreams of your company in a single video. Jeremy Finlay has a plan for how to bring that media to everyone.

The innovative filmmaker began his journey with media and marketing early in life, but it took him several years to find his direction and purpose. As an innovator, Jeremy knew he wanted more from the media and the business world around him. However, he wasn’t sure how to make that happen. Inspiration finally struck when a client asked him for a documentary describing his company purpose, and Jeremy began researching in an effort to create the business world’s most innovative media strategy to date: the salesumentary.

Finlay’s work started with simple research and internet work. Jeremy is the very definition of a self-made success story: he worked his way up and taught himself everything he knew about filmmaking and media marketing through experience and trial and error. His first documentary took him two months of hard work to complete. After many sleepless nights, Jeremy realized he’d hit on a winning combination of Hollywood-style storytelling and documentary filmmaking that both built the rich storyworld of the company and marketed their services to others. The release of this salesumentary, as he began to call it, resonated throughout the entire business world.

Seven years later, that first salesumentary is still driving business and clients to its parent company. In the time since, Finlay has continued to create and produce salesumentaries with his team of videomakers. He’s personally driven over $54 million dollars in tracked revenue sales across seven different industries, converting over 30,000 prospects into clients and providing them with resources and educational support to help coach their teams to success. Their company began elevating their services to world-class business leaders, working with the best and brightest in the industry to create prestigious positioning and advertising for the best brands and business leaders in the world.

Finlay has worked with all manner of clients, from Super Bowl champions to Hollywood stars, business entrepreneurs to heads of state in foreign countries. Their salesumentary has outlasted recent changes in video media and marketing, remaining a timeless staple of lead generation and brand positioning tools across the business world. In fact, Finlay has become known as the 8-Figure Business Whisperer, thanks to his targeted coaching and success strategies that transform brands into differentiated, acclaimed, and eight-figure earning success stories.

Finlay’s plan is to continue bringing top-quality positioning and branding media services to the best of the best. His hope is to reach millions more people with his services and to help as many as he can through his efforts and company. Finlay’s hopes are clear: make the world better, one video at a time.

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