Get to Know Mollie, Mermaids Waves, and Her Message of Self-Love

Mollie Lyst
Mollie Lyst

Mollie Lyst is a Self-Love Intuitive. She is the soul creator of Mermaids Waves, a space of community where she focuses on creating ripples of impact and inspiration through coaching, self-love, and self-healing. She helps empower sensitive souls to grow with grace, embrace their natural leadership abilities, and unleash their authentic, embodied expressions while tapping into their intuitive & creative gifts.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m a traveler, poet, dancer, lover.. guiding others through personal transformation. I do this by mastering the inner work and cultivating sustainable self-love & authentic confidence. I’m also a tarot reader and self-love & confidence coach. I’m passionate about serving and connecting with others through the spiritual to the emotional, mental, and physical. I lead the way through the embodiment of my authentic truth. I do this to encourage others to shine their light from the inside out and believe in who they are.

Tell us more about your brand. What inspired you?

The Mermaids Waves brand was created slowly and organically…

It began when I felt the calling to express the awakening I was experiencing inside and started as an Instagram account just for me. I didn’t want anyone I knew to see it, I just wanted to share my voice and express my truth. I discovered the path of self-healing and transformation after my tower moment in life, and it felt like time to share that part of myself with the world. I’d been trying to hide and run away from that part of myself. Now, I use my voice, my light, and my lessons, with the hope to empower others, connect, and make an impact leading others into their love, strength, and uniqueness.

How does your brand work? What projects are you currently working on?

I launched an evergreen program called Rise In Love. I created this program as a way to guide others through their inner work so that they can become the leaders of their own life, embrace their authentic, embodied expression and use their intuition to guide their unique path and purpose.

I’m working on serving my clients in a way that balances both the practical and spiritual elements of healing, along with building sustainable self-love and confidence. I wanted to find a way to make the inner work more fun and supportive, so people can build trust in their ability to transform.

I am also currently working on an outline for my 1:1 clients called Feel Fierce. I’ve been crafting this work for deep feeling souls who feel the call to go within, to work on themselves, and rediscover their inner fire.

Feel Fierce is for those who have felt lost in the process of people-pleasing. They tend to put their self-care on the back burner and are not sure which direction to take to get themselves feeling truly empowered, confident, and in love with who they are.

Together we work on building a solid foundation for sustainable self-love as well as creating a personalized action plan for reclaiming their power. I currently have spots open for both programs — you can check out the links below to connect and find out more!

Tell us more about Mermaids Waves.

Mermaids Waves is based around community and connection — raising each other and inspiring each other to tap into unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is a voice for self-love, empowerment, and confidence. It aims to open people up to their greatest creative expression, so they can lead their unique path with love, integrity, and purpose.

It is all about embracing our inner strength and letting that fierceness shine through — no matter what season of life or growth we are in. Inner harmony, awareness, and natural flow are key elements that we focus on. We also guide others into their rhythms while using nature as a mirror. We do this so that they can utilize self-compassion and see themselves as the wondrous, purposeful creative creation that they are.

What is your desired impact?

My desired impact is to see more people loving themselves deeply. I want them to access unconditional love for the collective and greater awareness and compassion for the way we live.

I believe this will allow us to honor the animals, the environment, and the people around us in a more impactful way. My vision is that more people will be living from their hearts, listening to their intuition, and sharing their unique gifts from the world.

I believe that from this space we all have access to more joy, peace, and harmony — when we can share our most valuable gifts with others we feel tuned into our purpose, and life becomes more meaningful. The more small businesses we can support, the more wealth we can bring into the hands of the people, our people, our communities, our neighbors. Uniting with ourselves is uniting with the collective as a whole and I cannot wait to see the wonders that people uncover within themselves — life can get even richer in value — and not only in a monetary sense.

Mollie Lyst
Mollie Lyst

What inspired your brand and business?

I always knew that I wanted to have my own business. As a Gemini Sun with an Aries Moon and Rising — I knew I needed to be my boss. I began working and traveling when I was 18. I had such an amazing time navigating different work environments and learning about different jobs and people.

But it wasn’t until last year that my fire felt like it was truly burnt out for anything that I didn’t feel truly, soulfully passionate about. I felt like all of my resources were being drained and I wasn’t getting to create the impact I knew I was born for, one I knew could help others. I knew that as helpful as the things I did were, I wasn’t going to fulfill my purpose that way.

And I battled with it for way longer than I needed, I was resisting the push to go after what I wanted, convincing myself that I just needed to be more adaptable, I needed to see the value in what I was doing. And while it is true to be grateful and present in the now — it does not mean you need to settle for a living environment, a job, a relationship, that does not serve, teach or guide you. Don’t settle for something that does not light you up or bring you joy, or take you closer in the direction of your heart’s true desires.

So I said no more — I ended up applying for my amazing coach Alana Lima’s Live Your Bliss program. And just like that I shifted my reality, took my power back, and said YES to allow for those things I felt too scared to ask for and receive. Sometimes all it takes to receive abundance is a shift in perspective. Answer the call of your intuition.

Tell us about your values for Mermaids Waves.

Mermaids Waves holds the essence of who I am, so our values come intertwined. Unconditional love is our driving force, as well as sustainably moving through work and life, not only for myself but all life around me.

Equality, unique expression, and holistic living — all also tie into what I value and wish to create for my life, my brand, and the future world that I live in. Everything I create is for any individual. We are all worthy of creating the life that we desire, taking our power back, and choosing ourselves.

I truly value looking at all elements of our health to assess where we need attention and healing and doing this in a way that honors equality and sustainability allows us to impact the bigger picture while making small personal shifts. Along with unconditional love and authentic expression to empower people to tune into their wild nature, have fun, and see who they truly are beneath the conditioning of the world.

What’s your future vision for your brand? What’s your next level dream?

My future vision for myself and Mermaids Waves is to organically grow and spread more impact throughout the world. To be able to work intimately with others, transforming their relationships with themselves and in turn creating a ripple effect that spans far and wide.

Our mission is unconditional love, empowered expression, and greater harmony for all. We aim to support clients in a natural flow all year round and help others step into their leadership abilities to create impactful change. I hope to be able to support important charities and projects, the future vision is greater self-responsibility so that we can all believe in our power to create positive change, go after what we believe in and serve the collective.

Do you have a message for others trying to start a business through their creative efforts?

My message to anyone starting is — keep going! Please believe in yourself, in your unique voice and truth. Keep believing you have an important message and gift to share with the world. Trust that inner voice that keeps asking you to leap, it will be so worth it to see yourself on the other side of that hurdle and to know that you went for it.

I promise you you are capable of more than you think. You are worthy, you are important and your work is so needed in the world. You can do this, step out and let the world see you for who you are! You have so much love to gain and only that which no longer serves you to lose. I know you’re ready.

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